Sep 302009

Webster’s dictionary defines an advocate as:  a stand in, defender, promoter of another. Have you ever watched parents of a sick child or one with a disability, whether physical or mental?  They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that child has all the resources they need to enter mainstream society, integrating their children into conventional classes and giving them every opportunity available.

They attend meetings, do research, create fundraisers, write letters and work tirelessly, along side the teachers and medical advisers as an advocate for their child.  There is no greater call or mission in life than to stand up for your children and give them the best opportunities available.  These moms are quiet impressive.

We need to be an advocate for our Children’s Spiritual well being.

If you’re not there for them, who will be?  No one will love or care for your children, like You will.  Nobody!

We have to stand in the gap for them and pray for their teachers, their friendships, their salvation, their protection, their character and integrity . . . who they will marry, and the list goes on. Once they board the school bus, they are physically out of your hands.

When you’re in the “carpool line” at school, Pray!  When you’re loading groceries in the “check out line” Pray!  You are their advocate, the one who has their best interest at heart.

Don’t be shy or passive when it comes to representing your children in any capacity.  They need you to be praying for them.  They need a defender who will pray for their present, their future, for the Lord to guard their hearts, so they will not bow to the wrong peer pressure, but to be confident individuals with all the resources they need to be the people God has called them to be.

Be their little voice, their defender.  If you don’t stand up for them, who will?

Lamentations 2:19

Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord.  Lift your hands toward Him . . . for the life of your young children.

Suggested Reading:  Power of a Praying Parent, by Stormie Omartian

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Sep 272009

When I was 6 years old, my friend eh eh “Tammy” stole a pack of her Grandma’s cigarettes that were sitting on the window ceil.  I can remember her Grandma saying a few choice words that morning, while looking for the pack of missing cigarettes. After 10 minutes of searching high and low, she headed to the store to buy another pack and we headed to the barn to smoke our first.

For reasons unknown to us, maybe boredom or just wondering what it was like to smoke a cigarette, we headed out to the barn and lit one up.  We were 6 years old.  I can’t imagine my 6 year old doing something like this today.  I still hold his hand to cross the street.  But way back when, we ran around barefooted, explored the back country and the world was our oyster.  If you had a bike and a buddy, you ruled the world.

There were 4 of us in the barn that day.  We had a “look out man” a “cigarette lighter”, a “cigarette smoker” and one, whose job was to double dog dare us into more shenanigans than we were prepared for.

The barn was creepy.  It was full of huge pieces of meat hanging to dry from the rafters; there were 40 or 50 jars of can goods (green beans, slimy okra and tomatoes) sitting on the shelves and about 10 jars full of something clear, not identified at this point.

The barn had a dirt floor; between the smoking and coughing our lungs out, my friend “Sara” placed a jar full of clear liquid in the middle of the dirt floor and double dog dared each of us to pee in the jar. Sounded reasonable to me!  One by one, each girl pee-ed in the jar. NO problem.

When it came my turn, I wasn’t one to loose a Double Dog Dare, I mean, I AM a Southern Girl and you can’t back down from those.

As I was squatting down to pee in the jar, one of the girls lit a match to light her cigarette, something we had all done.  But this time, as I squatted down to pee, she flicked the match into the jar.  As if in slow motion . . . the match hurled toward the clear liquid.  When the match hit the jar,  the force of the BLOW shot me out the front door.  I just remember holding on to my pants as I flew through the air.  I had no idea what happened, I was just IN . . .  The AIR.

When I hit the ground, I flew across wet grass as I scrambled to pull myself together.  When I got myself in order, I realized the barn was ON FIRE!!  Two of the girls ran, one was on fire and I (sorry to say, at 6 was scared to death) I ran too.  I ran home as fast as I could.

My mom, barely 23 years old herself, looked at my smutty little face and singed eyebrows and said:  Did you have ANYTHING to do with this?  I froze in fear and said:  “NOoooo!”  And that was the end of that.

By the time the fire department arrived, it was too late.  The barn had burned to the ground and my mom never mentioned the incident again. I later learned the jars of clear liquid contained 100 proof liquor, Moonshine, to be exact.  Did you know that when Moonshine ignites, it produces a Blue Flame.  That explains what I saw when I flew out of the barn that day.

Tammy’s Grandpa had hidden it on the shelves.  It almost killed us.  As a matter of fact, no one ever mentioned the incident again.   Grandpa kept in on the down low because he was hiding Moonshine, and we kept it on the down low for fear of going to jail or WORSE, getting our butts whipped.

Little things can turn into big things.  I mean, I was just bored that day and we went from stealing cigarettes and smoking them, to burning down a barn and running for our lives.

It’s important to have a Life Plan, goals to strive for.  I didn’t wake up that morning and think:  “I’m gonna smoke a cigarette.  But I woke up with NO PLAN and ended up following others who DID have one.

Where do you want to be in 5 years, Mentally, Physically, Financially, Spiritually?  Are you gonna let people peer pressure you into things, or are you gonna be the Peer Pressure?

Know what you want – and go for it; otherwise, all it takes is one person to “Double Dog Dare YOU” into something you really didn’t want to do in the first place; and then small lies becomes big lies and the truth ends up on the “down low” and you end up on the side lines of life – missing opportunities and wishing you had stayed true to yourself.  Send me your story!  I Double Dog Dare You!

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Sep 242009

What is special about your Hometown? From accents to people, culture and lifestyles, tell us your story.

-I’m a Southern Girl through and through.  Ask anyone who knows me; when I travel to the Northeast, I couldn’t loose this accent to save my life.  People ask me questions just to hear me talk.  I love turnip greens and occasional grits.  My husband, who is from AZ asked, “What’s A Grit.”  Oh Lord.  He had a huge learning curve, moving to the SOUTH.

I’m originally from Shelby, AL population, well, I’m not sure. Google could not find my town on the map, only the closest city, Columbiana, with a current population of 3,800.  And I lived there 20 years ago.  There’s never been a red light in this town and the closest grocery store, Piggly Wiggly is 15 minutes away.  Even spell check didn’t pick up the words Piggly Wiggly.  hmmmm.  See!

Growing up in a small town, I longed for the Big City, thinking there was something bigger and better out there.  When I found it, I missed my town, a place where everyone knows everybody and there’s always a helping hand when you need them.

Now, when I visit, I appreciate the sense of community;  little league teams wearing sponsored shirts by the local insurance company,  running into one of my old High School Teachers at “The Pig”, and the excitement of how the Shelby County Wild Cats football team brings everyone together on a Friday night.

These days, you can find “A Grit” and turnip greens just about anywhere, but nothing can replace the town where I was raised.  It’s good people with good character, ideas and sensibility.  You can’t beat that.

-Tell us about your hometown.

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Sep 222009

My 7 year old son ran into the kitchen and said “Mom, the DisneyWorld commercial just said:  Kids go ask your mom to go on our website and play a game.”  I’m like, WHAT?  He said:  Yes mom, they were talking to ME.  Let’s go.

A few days later, “Mom, the commercial said go to the website and register to win $100,000 dollars.  We need to go now.”

And yet I had asked him to clean his room and put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and NOTHING.   He immediately had no ears, no recollection, AMAZING, right?

But the minute I sneak a cookie out of a rattling bag and head to the back porch “BAM” . . . What are you eating . . . did I hear something rattle in the pantry?

Have you noticed that their ears quit working when the TV is on.  Instead of talking over it, just turn it off.  It’s amazing how their ears will return and be willing to do any task to get it turned back on.

I saw a woman on TV once that said her son was playing with matches and accidentally lit the broom on fire.  As he was urgently running through the house to tell his mom that the laundry room was on fire, he passed a TV with cartoons on, stopped and began watching them, losing all sense of thought and forgot about the fire.  Unfortunately the house burned to the ground.

So when you’re giving your little one a task or instructions, make sure you turn the TV off, cause Mama is in charge and if your competition is the TV, it will ALWAYS win.  But if you turn it off, it’s amazing how quickly their ears will return.

Does the TV have power over you, or do you have Power over IT?  Who’s  running the show?  Please send us your comments.

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Sep 202009

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and thought “oh, this is the best coffee ever? I bet you didn’t walk in and expect a fantastic massage or the barista to give you advice on car insurance.

It’s the same with moms, we may be good at tons of things:  homeschooling to preschooling to teaching them character and confidence, or how to kick a mean soccer ball, but we aren’t experts in everything.  It Takes a Village to pull it off.

When you watch a movie, check out the credits.  You’ve got the director, producer, editor, sound guy, technician and “Dancing man with funny looking teeth” as the crew listed to make the film a success.  One person can’t do everything.  It took a village.

Let grandpa teach them History or take them on a bug hunt, perhaps tell stories about when he was a kid; have grandma give them a baking class, let your sister take them to the park or break out the science kit.

My parents use to send me to my grandparent’s 100 acre farm for a week at a time.  We knew everything there was to bailing hay, milking the cows, shelling peas, hoe-ing a garden and what month is the best time to plant tomatoes.  Living down there was definitely an experience.  They say, the one thing that grandparents can give, over everyone else, is TIME.

We need others to help fill in the blanks.  We can’t be their entire world “forever.”  As much as we try, it’s important for us as moms and for the kids – to spread their wings, become a little more independent and well rounded.

After all, our goal is to teach them how to fly.  It’s hard to think about, letting go of the reins and putting them in someone else’s hands. When they are asleep at night, they’re growing.  When they learn something new, they’re growing.  It’s just something that can’t be stopped.  We want them to hurry and crawl, hurry and walk, are they meeting their goals . . are they on target for their age group?

Keep them as close to you, for as long as you can, but don’t smother them.  As you give them freedom and guidance, they’ll stay close, because you’ve given them the independence, the strong foundation they need to be a complete person.  They trust you and respect you.

And as you teach them to fly, it may look as though they have left the nest or got a little rebellious streak, but like a great coffee shop, they’ll be landing at the drive thru to pick up that One great product you’ve always provided, and that is the support, encouragement and love you’ve always offered and they will always need.  It Takes a Village, Girls . . . and an occasional cup of coffee.    Here’s to great families!!!

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Sep 182009


Have you ever wished you had a hover craft or felt the need for a helicopter to get where you need to go?  If so, Y-O-U . . .  MIGHT BE Too busy.

Does the inside of you car look like a vending machine blew up?  If so, You . . . MIGHT be Too busy.

Do you throw your kid off at soccer practice, just to screech into the parking lot 5 minutes late to drop off your ballerina?  If so, You . . . Might BE too busy.

If you’ve EVER fed your child a snack that you found underneath the car seat . . . ehhh You . . . Might Be Too Busy!

Slow down and re-access.  Re-schedule AND re-arrange. Like Sands of the Hourglass, these are the Days of Our Lives.  When you’re a kid, it seems like forever till your birthday comes.  As an adult, the hands on the clock are smoking’!!!  It’s March, then November then another birthday.  No matter how hard you slam on the brakes, time is ticking away and you’re another year older.  .  . and so are your kids.

Whether you work in or outside the home or wear polka dots on Tuesday, Time stands still for NO ONE.  My friend sent me this email the other day.  It said, there are some things you can never take back:

The word, after it’s said . . .

The occasion, after it’s missed . . .

Time, after it’s gone . . .

That hit me hard.  A few year’s ago, my husband and I each started new businesses and we were working hard to keep that gerbil wheel spinning, building clientele, increasing market share and establishing a presence in the community.

Then one day, after hearing my 1 1/2 year old say the occasional “Ma Ma and Daddy, he said a word that brought my life to a screeching halt, a word, this little fella had heard me say that cut me to the core.

He uttered the words:  BUSY!  BUSY!  BUSY!

It stopped me in my tracks.  I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live.  It made me cry that day.  Out of the mouth of babes!  I’m all for work and I was making great money, but I was burning the midnight oil at both ends, while trying to raise 3 kids under 1st grade.  We had little Quality time, and virtually no Quantity time.

But time was slipping away and I wasn’t using it wisely.  I sat down with my husband and we re-accessed, made a new plan, re-organized and rescheduled a few things.  It took a weekend of thinking outside the box, several sheets of paper and quite a few compromises, but once it was hashed out, it was like a light shown down from heaven; and we had such Peace on how we strategically planned to move forward in a New Way.

If you have a Dream, you can make it work, but it’s NOT gonna fall into your lap.  It may take blood, sweat and tears, but remember your priorities and fight for them:  God and Family.  There will always be people Johnny on the Spot, ready to fill your list with meaningless things that help themselves.

Learn to say NO.  Fight for your family, tear up that little BLACK BOOK that makes you a slave to too many daily activities and take the BUSY BUSY BUSY out of your life and fill it with things that produce FULFILLMENT, HAPPINESS, JOY AND  PEACE.

Here’s to a Better Life!

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Sep 162009


Would YOU want YOU to be YOUR mom? Simple isn’t it?  Just think about how you handle situations.  Are you easily angered, always in a hurry; do little things escalate to major things? Get on their level, eye to eye, knee to knee and imagine what it must be like, to have you, as your mom.

Do the attitudes, ideas and environment you provide, exude respect, trust and peace in your home or anxiety, perfectionism and unpredictability.

I know that if my husband goes out of town and I have all 4 kids all week, from sunrise to sunset, my patience can wain, quickly.  I’m barking orders like a well trained drill sergeant, go here, get those teeth brushed, hurry up, let’s go.

When my 3 year old went to bed at night, I noticed he was sleeping on the floor.  I would tell him to get in the bed.  He would wait till I left and get back on the floor.  At first, it made me mad.  How could he get a good night’s sleep on the floor?  How comfortable could this be?  My back would be stiff for days.  Besides, he had a nice bed we bought him and he needed to sleep in it.

Then I sat down and had a nice conversation with him and realized, in his own way, he thought sleeping on the floor was like camping, it was an adventure.  Now that I realize what he was doing, I let him drag his big comforter and pillow to the floor and let him “go camping.” .  I sure didn’t want to stand in the way of any adventures he may have.

So when you’re on your last leg and can’t take it anymore, perhaps you should take a break.  This isn’t unusual.  It’s good for everyone to get a break.  No need to be a martyr.  Do you take time to smell the roses, look for bugs and laugh with your kids about funny jokes they TRY to make?  Lay on the floor and giggle, go push them on the swing or take time to play dodge ball.

Imagine looking up at you. How do you want this to play out?  The house doesn’t always have to be clean.  The laundry doesn’t have to be put away Right Now.  If Petee left his shoes outside, we’ll get them later.  Perhaps tonight is a “take out” night.

Go to the park, have a picnic on the blanket and forget about the laundry for awhile?  Do you take time for yourself by designating a “Girls Night Out” or take a night a week to play tennis with your husband.  Everyone needs a break to re-access, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit.  It makes for better parenting and happier families.

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Sep 142009

One day after hearing my girlfriends talk about shaking things up a bit in the bedroom, I thought I’d go get a Brazilian Bikini Wax. Not thinking very clearly, I decided to make an appointment with the full service spa next door to my video production company.

What I should have done was made an appointment with a spa in the next county and walked in mysteriously under an assumed name with a bag over my head and just went for it.  But oh no, I had to go next door to my office, where everyone knew me.  I walked in, not really knowing what to expect  It’s kind of like having a baby.  You go in smiling, you come out bargaining with God, promising anything if he’ll just make the pain go away.

I walked in, they put me on this waxing table and asked me to put a thong on.  Hmmm.  Red Flag. . . Next thing I knew she’s poured honey on everything and when she goes to Snatch, I shot off the table crying “Mother of God!”

She tried to distract me by asking questions, like  – how much does it cost to have old reels transferred to DVD?  Yank!!!!!!  and as I was giving the answer she snatched again.  She snatched twice before I could take a breath.  “Oh Lord Jesus, I can’t take this anymore.”  You can fool me once, but not twice.  I told her I didn’t care what it looked like down there, if the honey stayed or went, I was outta there.

I grabbed my clothes and left.  I’m sure they had a big laugh that day, as I headed next door to my office.  At the end of the day, I made sure I parked in the back just to avoid passing the front of their store.  There’s got to be a better way to shake things up in the bedroom, because I can assure you, no husband will ever appreciate the pain you go through, getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax.

When I told my husband what I had done, he fell off the bed laughing.  You know, men are not complex.  He said I didn’t need to go to all that trouble to Shake things Up.  But was wondering if I brought home the thong.  I said honey:  I think a piece of it is still down there.

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Sep 142009

Many of my friends are cleaning out closets, drawers and finding interesting discoveries in their kid’s rooms.  From rocks and muddy shoes to stinky underwear that was thrown in the top of the closet to fossilized socks under their bed.  It’s interesting, the aromas that can come from a child’s bedroom, making its way into the foyer.

When I first got pregnant, it was around Thanksgiving and I couldn’t stand the smell of turkey, ham or the dog.  Poor Max, he lived outside for about 6 months and was scrubbed with bubbles and pretty fragrances until his fur was just about rubbed off.

That must have been God’s way of preparing me for what was to come.   Do you ever jump into the car or walk through the front door after a L-O-N-G day and think . . .  “What … Is THAT SMELL?

And it’s never the good smell, like a friend coming over to bake a pie.  Yeah, Right!!  It’s a weird smell, like a bottle of curdled milk hidden under a recliner or a forgotten diaper that made its way behind the couch. . . hmmm.

Smells can be slightly subtle but enough to keep the neighbors away.

That’s when you say:  Hey Kids, We’re Gonna Play a Game:  It’s Called: “The first one who finds the smell gets a Prize.  They’ll turn into little hound dogs sniffing’ and looking.   Promise of a reward equals a guaranteed find.

When I was 5, my birthday was on Easter.  I was lucky enough to find the Golden Egg, and with it, came $5.  It was a real egg and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to it, so I hid it in a little bucket on my book shelf.

By the time May rolled around, my mom had every family member on the look out for the smell coming from down the hall.  A week into the hunt, a line of ants marching up the wall, led us to the disaster in the bucket.

So, I’m going to follow in my friend’s footsteps, clean a few drawers, closets and turn those “What IS that Smell” into the “Smell of a friend baking pie in my kitchen.  So thanks for the incentive girls; And as a Bonus, Max may be getting a bubble bath!!  Here Boy!

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Sep 092009

My 7 year old was listing all the friends he had.  He was telling me about the kid in his class from Vietnam, or about Freddie who went to London with his parents and the list went on.

When he left, my 3 year old asked:  Mom, do I have fwends?  I said yes and listed the names of little kids in our neighborhood.  He said:  “Oh good!”  He trusted that I knew he was ok.  It was so sweet how he looked to me to determine if he was valued, loved and established.  Of course he was.  It’s funny to hear the ideas, concerns and perspectives little children have.

It’s our job to remove those little insecurities and reinforce a sense of belonging and being apart of Community.

What is your son or daughter concerned about?  Talk about it on a one on one, fun bike ride or walk in the park.  Keep Communication flowing and frequent.  With chaos in the day, opportunities do not always present themselves.  You have to invest the time and when you do, those concerns will rise to the top and can be easily dealt with.

Concerns don’t always come in the form of a “knock on your door.” Set the stage for good communication.  It might be a warm cookie and a hug when they come home from school, stacking legos on the floor or just a quiet walk down the street.  Some kids wear their heart on their sleeve and can open up in 2 seconds to discuss a concern or problem; others are like slow cookers.  If you spend enough time and build their trust, they’ll mention their concerns around bedtime in the quiet of the evening.

Each child is different.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  The world is full of people ready to tear down your child’s self esteem.   School, “so called friends” and the world in general, can be a harsh place at times.  Building self esteem is not an overnight fix, it’s a journey.

I tell my kids: “You’re my blessing or You make my heart feel good” and now they tell me I make their heart feel good.  They need to know that mom, dad, and siblings have their back.  It’s All for One and One for All!

Tell us how you handle building self esteem.  We’d love to hear your story.

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Sep 072009


Andrew  10 months – Now Andrew at 3 1/2.

People say, hold on to every moment, because they grow up so fast.  I never understood that.  I wanted to, but while I was potty training the little one who got away from me, smearing poop on the walls, or when the 6 month old clinged to me for dear life and wouldn’t let anyone else hold him for months, it’s hard to remember this lesson.

Then one morning I woke up and amongst all the chaos of daily activity, my 6 month old baby was in 2nd grade and politely asked me not to kiss him at the bus stop anymore.  What?? My 5 year always ran into the bedroom 1st thing every morning to get a bear hug.  Now that he’s 6, he’s too old for this.  It breaks my heart.

I jokingly tell them “You better stop growing up on Me!”  And they jump and giggle, telling me that I’m funny.  And then ask me to measure them, trying to convince me that they grew last night.

We often focus on the task at hand, and don’t realize that they are growing up.  One minute they just want to cuddle and hug you (of course while you’re in the kitchen trying to make dinner) but don’t be too quick to shew them away – they won’t always fight for a hug or give you a million kisses or tell you “You’re a beautiful princess, mom.”

Soak up all the moments, good or bad, whether singing in the car or crying  in the floor, they’re your moments. You’ll look back and wish you had those times again.

Funny thing is, just like labor pains, you’ll forget the bad stuff and remember only the good.  So bend down, give them a hug, squeeze that soft little leg on your baby, high five your little man and walk with your head held high.  Like my 5 year old says:  Mom, you’re the best mom I’ve ever had.  That’s true, I’m the best and only.  You’re the only one who has the God given privilege to do this job, so make it count.

There are days when you want it to zoom by, but I’ve heard each level has it’s own problems.  The grass is not always greener.  Record their little voice, they won’t always sound like this.  Seize the moment. . . For this too shall pass.

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Sep 032009

Break out the Resuscitation Paddles, It’s time to Find the “Sexy You” underneath all those Mom Titles You’ve Collected!  Chauffeur, maid, cook and laundry lady . . .

When I first found out I was having a baby, after being married for 6 years, I had no idea just how drastic my life was about to change.  I was use to business meetings and heels, coming home and cooking a fancy dinner with a glass of wine, and discussing my day without interruption.

After fighting rush hour traffic on Friday night, we would decide, last minute, to head out of town for a little getaway.  I look back now and think “we had nothing to get away from.”  Life was EASY!

Now, things are a little different.  We come home from work and jump into chaotic mode.  With 4 kids between 8 and almost 1, someone is talking, crying, singing, pooping, has a boo boo, is hungry or needs a hug.

They ALL want attention immediately, especially if you sneak off to the bathroom for a quick shower or pick up the phone to call someone.  They have radar sensors that pick up – –  “What is a “Really Bad time for You.”   Hey, The bathroom door closed, it must mean “BANG ON IT!”

Multi Tasking is constant.  No wonder we can’t think of a certain word most of the time.  We’re always in defense mode:  Within 30 seconds, I’ve told the 3 year old to quit riding the dog’s back, the other, “quit licking the walls, one just fell out of a tree and the phone is ringing.

I had no idea what true multi tasking was, until I had kids.  And I was in PR for goodness sakes.  I truly think that if moms were in charge of the war, we could have conquered the enemy with baby screams and doo doo diapers.  The high pitched, ongoing sound of an infant screaming, and the hideous smells of poop alone, could make anyone surrender.

And if you decide to go on vacation, it’s a full-on strategic military move to arrange for babysitters, make a list of what if’s:  medicines, insurance cards, emergency numbers, how to get Millie to the bus stop, and Charlie to soccer.

Pull out the paddles, it’s time to Resuscitate!

Girls, it’s time to dust off those heels, pull out that cute little dress.  Yeah, you know the one.  You may have to wear Spanx this time around but go for it. Put on that bright red lip stick, your favorite perfume and go hang out with your girlfriends, have a night on the town, where everyone is talking and laughing at the same time.  Those “Laugh until you pee in your pants” moments, where only your girls can “fit the bill.”  It’s good for the soul.

Embrace the YOU, not the titles you’ve collected along the way. Break out the paddles and resuscitate the young, fun girl that you know you are.  You have One Life; Go Girls, get Out there and Enjoy it!

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Sep 022009

I love to read self help books, especially those that will give me great ideas for real-life parenting:  ideas for stubborn behavior, positive reinforcement, how to guide their little hearts to make good decisions when you’re not around – and establishing healthy boundaries.

The following books are true life changers.  I hope they enhance your life as much as they did mine.  Please send your comments or ideas on the books YOU’VE read and how they helped you.

Read and Live Well!

Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp

The New Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson

The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

Boundaries with Kids by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Baby Wise Series for Instants to Pre-school by Gary Ezzo

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