Mar 262011

After 4 kids, and the fact that they EAT 24/7, eating in-between eating, it’s crazy. There are PB&J sandwiches, chicken nuggets and goldfish crackers everywhere, while the Strawberries sit nicely on the counter, waiting patiently for someone to try them.  Now that my youngest is 2, I can’t use; “I just had a baby” as an excuse for weight I had gained.

I joined an online-points tracking system.  You enter what you ate into the “food tracker” and what activities you did, in the “activity tracker.”  If I walked 3 miles, I’d type “walk” in the tool bar, to see how many points I’d earned toward my goal; and this is what the drop box said:  I kid you not:

Which did you do today?

Walk up stairs carrying 1-24 lbs (I assume kids or laundry)

Walk carrying a snow or leaf blower

Walk/Run with crutches

Walk pushing a wheel chair (didn’t mention a stroller)

Walk with a horse

Walk with golf clubs (ok, I’ll give ya that one)

I have to admit, I was hard pressed just to find:  Walking.  You know, fast paced, cardio, exercise-worthy Walking!  I’ve walked a million miles up stairs carrying laundry and children. By their standards, I should be skinny by now. It seemed as though they were giving us more excuses, for not really getting out and sweating.

Between kids and activities, school, taxi service, homework, office projects, dinner and bath time, some days it feels like there’s nothing left.  But you were a whole person with great ideas and thoughts before marriage and kids – now It’s time for You.  It’s time to write down those goals and begin accomplishing for Mwau!

I’ve spent too many years wishing this and hoping for that, without taking steps toward the goal.  I’d love to click my heels,  have a Genie in a Bottle at My Command and, Poof, the house is clean, Boom – To Do List – gone!  I could wish that I love to run, or put on gym clothes and hope to make it outside today; I think of things all day long.  But without Action, it doesn’t change a thing; except the guilt that tends to build inside.

Have you ever laid in bed, knowing you’re late to something, but didn’t want to get up? Yet, you lay there, procrastinating, not even enjoying time in bed, for worrying and thinking about how late you’re gonna be.  It’s time to Get Up, Grab Life by the Horns; Be Ahead of the Game for once.  It Feels Good.

No more whining, complaining, waiting, thinking, pondering, lying around perpetuating GUILT and knocking yourself over all the Energy You Place into Doing Nothing.  Become the Productive Citizen you always Hope for your own Children; get off your Rear and Take Action Today . . . Now . . . For You!  Be the Example.

Wanna own a business, write a blog, a book, join a team, invent a product, start a club . . . be the NFL’s oldest cheerleader?

No more “walking with crutches or pushing a wheel chair.”  This behavior offers very few rewards.   It’s time to Get Up, Lace up those Running Shoes, Open the Door Of Life and Take On what you’ve been mulling over for years.  You know what it is.  Write it Down and Trump It.

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!”  Dr. Seuss

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