May 032011

It’s so easy to complain, isn’t it?  It just rolls off the tongue like a fine Wine.  I wish I didn’t have to go to work. My kids are driving me crazy.   It’s time to change the Oil, Again?  Life would be easier if I had a chef. I hate doing laundry.  It’s so Hot in the South.  Why did God make mosquitos?  Will the kids ever quit fighting?

It’s time to peek at Life’s Silver Lining and peel back the Gratitude.

The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha. is a reminder to celebrate all of Life’s Little Moments,

Here is a list of  “Awesome’s” that I’m sure you can appreciate.  Perhaps you can list a few of your own, to bring gratitude and thankfulness to the forefront of your day.

Sunday Naps

A Baby Falling Asleep On You

Feeling Grass Underneath Your Feet on the First Day of Spring

The Popping of Bubble Wrap

Singing Alone in the Car

The Fresh Smell After a Rain Storm

The Peacefulness on top of a Ski Slope

Enjoying a Fabulous Dinner Cooked by Someone Else

Rainy Pajama Day

Grandmas that Smells Like Pound Cake

When Someone Else Washes the Dishes

Sneaking Dollar Candy into the Movie Theatre

List Your Awesome’s!

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