Sep 052011

I’ve been told that no matter how many kids you have, their personalities are different. I have 4 and have tried to raise them all the same, but each child calls for a different protocol.  They all have different likes, dislikes, quirks, talents, ways of dealing with stress, pressure, are they audio, visual learners, do they respond to negative or positive reinforcement and the list goes on.

I’ve never been a rules person, yet as a mom, I’ve discovered that rules keep everyone alive!  My 4 tend to push the envelope at times, so I’ve had to lay down the law.  My husband snickers from afar, wondering how I came up with some of the rules – and how long they’ll last, for that matter.  While some don’t make a bit of sense, it’s my duty to enforce the KEA Effect, “Keeping “Em Alive!  I’ll make rules off the top of my head to keep them in-tact for another week.

I have one child who excels at sports.  Baseball, soccer, tennis; he just picks it up quickly and thrives.  He’s our little Rock Star.  But if it’s not a sporting event, the child Trips on the Wind. He’ll be skating through the house, and before I know it, he’s looking at the basement stairs and boom, there he goes.  Feet First.

Last winter, the 7 year old asked to walk the dog.  It had been snowing. Mind you, him and the dog weigh about the same, so I knew it was more of the dog running – and my son flying behind him with one hand.  I made a rule: When there’s ice on the ground – You have to wear a helmet when walking the dog.  You should have seen the look on his face.  Are you kidding?

Sounds terrible, right!  Don’t worry, each child will be given money when they turn18, to use at their discretion, for either College or Counseling.  I love them too much and work too hard keeping them alive and well, to let the crazy dog “Take Them Out” on the pavement.  My husband shook his head, with a half laugh, as if:  Do you make up these rules off the top of your head?”

Yes I do, thank you.  That’s how I was successful in board meetings, thinking up well-spun marketing materials to sell products; my job has now become, (KEA!) Keeping ‘Em Alive . . .  and well, to live another day.The 7 year old came back and said:  Mom, Max took off and I hit the ground head first.  The helmet saved me.”  That’s awesome son, Now go tell your dad.

Life is funny and messy and exciting and complicated.  So whatever it takes to keep your kids happy, feeling loved, healthy, safe and whole – wing it with different creative ideas and “rules outside the box.”  If anything, it’s something to laugh about later, making memories as we go along.

Your rules may only last a few weeks, a few days, or only for that minute, but as our children grow, change, hormones kick-in and new attitudes form;  it’s up to us to re-route, change it up, become more creative and think outside the box.  Life is not perfect and there’s no SET Mold for how it’s suppose to play out.  Here’s To Living Life Outside the Box . . .  It Rules!

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