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Have you ever eaten a fantastic dessert, as you held an interesting conversation, looked down and thought, “Who Ate My Pie?”

As I’ve raised kids, climbed the corporate ladder, and worked the PTA gig, I’ve often wondered:  Where did my Sexy Go?

I began searching for it.  Did someone steal it from under my nose?  Did I loose it on the way to having kids?  Did it I exhaust it, with my Lulu Lemon and Ponytail look? Had I not made room for it amongst soccer, ballet, deadlines, and dishes?  Was there not an extra seat in my minivan?

As I began to search for my distant friend, I had to remember what it looked like.  Had it matured?  Could we still be friends?  The mirror reflecting what use to be – now told a different story. Would we fit together with the ease we once knew?  Would we recognize one another?

Sexy is more than a little black dress, heels, red lipstick and a trip to Vegas.

Sexy is:




It’s Quiet, it’s Loud

It’s Smart





Sexy is an attitude, a mindset.  It’s not whiny,  in constant longing for affirmation; it’s not weak.  It’s not crying over a college figure that once was.

Sexy pulls you up by the boot straps and turns your life around, makes changes you’ve always needed but hadn’t.  It’s the girl that realizes she’s the BOSS of Her OWN Life, the Leading Lady in her Own Play, the Decider of Her Own Fate.

With every decision you make and every word that comes from your mouth, choose to be confident and empowered. So when you throw on those PJ’s, Yoga pants or the little black dress, don’t forget to put on your sexy.  It’s all in the TUDE, the atti-TUDE.  Here’s to Celebrating the Best Version of You.  Now that’s Sexy.

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Oct 032011

15) When you can’t think of the word “VAN” so you describe it as that thing in the driveway full of chicken nuggets, cheerios and stinky socks.

14) When your brain cells left the building with baby #1 and have yet to return.

13) When you drive all over town, dropping off kids from here to there and think you passed yourself on the road.

12) When you wish your driving miles got you airline points.

11) When you haven’t been cold since 1986.

10) When you take your vehicle to the car wash and 8 more cars go through while they’re still vacuuming yours.

9) When you call one of your children by the dog’s name.

8) When you wear your pants inside out to the Dr.’s office and put them on the SAME WAY when you leave.

7) When you haven’t completed a full thought in 10 years.  Go get,  Stop. . . don’t touch . .Uh, what was I saying?

6) When you hide in the back yard to eat the last cookie.

5) When you create an outside distraction, to go the bathroom in peace.

4) When you realize at the dinner table, you’ve had a scrub pad hanging off your scarf all day.

3) When your stairwell has artwork drawn along the walls, by an unknown artist, in crayola.

2) When you drop 3 kids off at school, but only 2 are old enough to attend.

1) When you hear yourself say:  You can skate in the house, just wear a helmet.

If you have suggestions you’d like to share, we would love to hear them.  Here’s to celebrating moms.

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