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Andrew  10 months – Now Andrew at 3 1/2.

People say, hold on to every moment, because they grow up so fast.  I never understood that.  I wanted to, but while I was potty training the little one who got away from me, smearing poop on the walls, or when the 6 month old clinged to me for dear life and wouldn’t let anyone else hold him for months, it’s hard to remember this lesson.

Then one morning I woke up and amongst all the chaos of daily activity, my 6 month old baby was in 2nd grade and politely asked me not to kiss him at the bus stop anymore.  What?? My 5 year always ran into the bedroom 1st thing every morning to get a bear hug.  Now that he’s 6, he’s too old for this.  It breaks my heart.

I jokingly tell them “You better stop growing up on Me!”  And they jump and giggle, telling me that I’m funny.  And then ask me to measure them, trying to convince me that they grew last night.

We often focus on the task at hand, and don’t realize that they are growing up.  One minute they just want to cuddle and hug you (of course while you’re in the kitchen trying to make dinner) but don’t be too quick to shew them away – they won’t always fight for a hug or give you a million kisses or tell you “You’re a beautiful princess, mom.”

Soak up all the moments, good or bad, whether singing in the car or crying  in the floor, they’re your moments. You’ll look back and wish you had those times again.

Funny thing is, just like labor pains, you’ll forget the bad stuff and remember only the good.  So bend down, give them a hug, squeeze that soft little leg on your baby, high five your little man and walk with your head held high.  Like my 5 year old says:  Mom, you’re the best mom I’ve ever had.  That’s true, I’m the best and only.  You’re the only one who has the God given privilege to do this job, so make it count.

There are days when you want it to zoom by, but I’ve heard each level has it’s own problems.  The grass is not always greener.  Record their little voice, they won’t always sound like this.  Seize the moment. . . For this too shall pass.

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  3 Responses to “Hold On to All the Moments! Kids Grow Up Fast”

  1. This post made me tear up. My oldest says that we are no longer “mommy” and “daddy,” but now “Mom” and “Dad.” He is also the one that the day after he turned 9yrs old started telling people that he was almost 10yrs old.

    I told them a few years ago, (jokingly of course,) that they were no longer allowed to get any older. They started to cry because they thought I was saying they were not allowed to have birthdays anymore. Once they understood what I meant, they just laughed at me.

    I love motherhood and although I too have those moments of wanting it to rush by, I try to record in some way or another the tender and sweetest of moments with my blessings.

  2. This story makes me cry! LOVE it. I look at Rylee, and at 3 months old, its like we have our own personal joke between us. We just “get each other” right from the start….and I hope never to forget that special look between us. xoxo

  3. I know I know! It goes by quickly. It can be slow as molasses some days and then they’re 10. I have to remind myself to savor all those little moments, even the ones where they color on their entire body. : ) Thanks Liana. I appreciate your comments.

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