Jun 092011

I love to be happy, who doesn’t, right?  Webster’s defines Happiness as as state of Well-being and Contentment.  Well, sign me up.

I went to the “World of Coke” and their new slogan is “Open Happiness.”  Wouldn’t it be wonderful that every time your kid has a bad attitude, someone colors the living room wall or you slam your finger in the door, just grab a coke and “Open Happiness.”

Y, I’d have an 18 wheeler backed up to the front of my house, unloading 12 ounce cans of Happiness, quicker than he could blink.  Load me up, boys.

But it’s not that simple.  Happiness is not “The Midas Touch” where everything you put your hand to, turns to gold.  Happiness is a state of well being, wherever you are, in the moment – find contentment.

You don’t need to climb another rung on the corporate ladder, longing for a sportier car, a larger house, a shiner ring. It’s true contentment, just the joy of Being where you are, in the moment.

Try lying in in your backyard, looking up at the stars one evening.  Practice contentment.  It’s not usually a friend that’s beating down the door to get in,  but more of a quiet satisfaction.

Wherever you are, in whatever stage of life, take a deep breath, make a list of what makes you thankful; and Open Happiness, it’s zero calories.

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