Oct 032011

15) When you can’t think of the word “VAN” so you describe it as that thing in the driveway full of chicken nuggets, cheerios and stinky socks.

14) When your brain cells left the building with baby #1 and have yet to return.

13) When you drive all over town, dropping off kids from here to there and think you passed yourself on the road.

12) When you wish your driving miles got you airline points.

11) When you haven’t been cold since 1986.

10) When you take your vehicle to the car wash and 8 more cars go through while they’re still vacuuming yours.

9) When you call one of your children by the dog’s name.

8) When you wear your pants inside out to the Dr.’s office and put them on the SAME WAY when you leave.

7) When you haven’t completed a full thought in 10 years.  Go get,  Stop. . . don’t touch . .Uh, what was I saying?

6) When you hide in the back yard to eat the last cookie.

5) When you create an outside distraction, to go the bathroom in peace.

4) When you realize at the dinner table, you’ve had a scrub pad hanging off your scarf all day.

3) When your stairwell has artwork drawn along the walls, by an unknown artist, in crayola.

2) When you drop 3 kids off at school, but only 2 are old enough to attend.

1) When you hear yourself say:  You can skate in the house, just wear a helmet.

If you have suggestions you’d like to share, we would love to hear them.  Here’s to celebrating moms.

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