Aug 252009

Growing up, we lived on the lake.  We fished, swam, ate ice cream and jumped on the trampoline with a sprinkler shooting across, all day long.  It was a good life.  We use to bike until dusk, till we heard mom’s voice say:  Dinner’s ready!  We would make bike ramps, climb trees and explore every inch of land within a 2 mile radius.  Life was so exciting.  We now live in a concrete jungle where every moment of their day is watched, critiqued and viewed.  From school to home, kids are scheduled from sunrise to sunset.

Ahha Moment:
Though times have changed, we should try to instill a since of exploration and adventure in our children.  It teaches independence, cultivates imagination and adventure.  It’s just good for the soul to discover things on your own.  So loosen those reins a little, take them on a bug hunt, a hike, camping or a search for various flowers and leaves.  Let them come back and tell you all about their adventure.  They’ll enjoy new experiences and perhaps, discover more about themselves along the way.

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