Aug 312009

Training kids is not an easy task and definitely not for the faint of heart; especially when you’re in a hurry and think “This 2 minute clean up session is taking 10 minutes.”  You can feel that gray hair coming in faster than little Junior can get his toys in the bucket or little Mary can get her dinner plate to the sink.

I’ve trained my kids to understand the Team rules.  And I also color my hair. lol Here’s the drill:  If you drop something, pick it up.  If you want to take it, you have to carry it.  If you make a mess, you clean it up.  It’s ALL for One and One for ALL!

Those lessons weren’t easily learned. They were earned with blood, sweat and real tears. It took twice the effort to teach them to do it own their own, but well worth the investment.

As the family grows, so do the responsibilities.  The kids help each other with homework, the older one reads to the younger one and the 5 year old makes a “mean” PB&J for school lunches (it’s nothing to look at, but tastes great)!  We all have to help.  We’re in this together.

Otherwise, mom is the one doing everything and mom’s job is to lead, guide, teach and protect, not to be their slave, chauffer and short order cook.  It’s important that they respect your role, your authority and appreciate all the things you do for them.  Train them to say thank you.  I rarely have to remind them to do this..  It becomes second nature.  Believe me, It wasn’t always like this.

Cultivate a sense of TEAM Ship.  This will take the focus off of themselves, creating productive little citizens with an appreciation for You and their Community.

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