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Oh the Marketing Machine of Life.  It keeps us spinning from the mall to the grocery store to Amazon.  Money and time have sprouted wings; they’re on a one way trip, never to return.

Christmas in July,  Gray Thursday, Black Friday, there’s hardly time for rest and relaxation before “high fiving” another holiday, while planning for the next.  I read a cartoon the other day.  It showed a turkey telling Santa to BACK OFF,  “it’s STILL my holiday.”

The “to do” list runs deep:  Kid’s matching outfits, check!  Christmas photos, mailing list complete, elf on the shelf duties, decorations, presents, over indulgence, it’s enough to keep your head spinning. While these tasks are fine, don’t let the “To Do List” Steal your show.

Last year my neighbor and her teenage son were running last minute Christmas errands when a man driving on the wrong side of the rode hit them head on, killing the mom. In the blink of an eye, it was over. I think of her often.  What were her last words, her last thoughts?  Do we take the time to live in the moment, in the present – or are we running around in a state of panic, trying to fit too many tasks into too little time?  Total mayhem makes mama frazzled and when mama’s not happy, well . . .

Like most moms, all the logistics weigh squarely on our shoulders.  But we carry an immense amount of power.  We’re the hub of communication, the spokes on a wheel.  Our family members look to us for guidance, for direction.   What are we cooking mom?  Who’s coming to dinner?  Where are we going for the holidays?

Like little soldiers, they’re ready to follow our beck and call.  The power lies within us, to determine the tone.  Will the holidays be peaceful and fun, full of great memories and tradition or stressful and agitated.

We can budget wisely and enjoy those meals in moderation or be paying debts and loosing those extra pounds in March.  Don’t allow the “Marketing Machine of Life” to steal the show.  Let’s not make the Turkey and Santa have to dual it out.  En guarde! Remember the real reason for the holiday is to reflect on our blessings.

Here’s to living the best version of you.

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