Apr 302014

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There were things I swore I would never do, once I had kids.

1) Never drive a mini van

2) Never forget their names

3) Never raise my voice

4) Never make them eat veggies they hate

5) Never threaten their lives

6) Never give them endless lectures

7) And Never say:  Because I Said So

But once you have kids, all that flies out the window.  Let’s face it, children can be exasperating.  I had 4 kids in 7 years and if 2 weren’t in diapers, one was crying and 3 were vying for my attention at once.  My brain hasn’t had a complete thought in years.

I went from corporate life, traveling, staying in hotels to my husband and I racing in triathlons on any given weekend. We would have wine and nachos for dinner if we felt like it, and then BAM, we had kids and life as we knew it, vanished!

It was diaper-slinging, baby-feeding, taxi driving, soccer mom, homework-helping, sick kids in the night, back pack wearing, car seat toting, chicken nugget eating kind of life.  (Pausing to breath).

Because I Said So, were words I swore I’d never use when my own kids came into this world.  I would be patient enough to explain every situation.  Snicker Snicker.

But after hearing:  Mommy, why can’t I ride my bike in the street?  I’ll dodge the cars when they pass by.  “No honey, you could get hurt.”  But I’m quicker than a car, watch this.  “No, if they hit you, they always win, son.”  But isn’t that why I wear a helmet?  “No buddy, you’re not riding in the street! ” But why?  I’m a good rider.  “Because you never look left or right when you ride your bike.”

But why mom, I’m faster than lightening.  “I know, but your super man cape won’t keep you safe.”  But why mom?  As the earth began to shake, I blurted out the words:  BECAUSE I SAID SO!  . . . As I heard the phrase come out of my mouth, It felt liberating. And the questions abruptly ended. This is how my mom must have felt.  I called her and we compared notes.  What a bonding experience.

Now days, I jump into my chicken nugget-infested minivan, lecture the kids about stranger danger, reminding the wrong kid in my RAISED voice, because I can’t remember their name, that they will only get dessert if they eat their veggies . . . and when they ask WHY they HAVE to eat them, I say:  BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Here’s to Living the Best Version of You!

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