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People who say, “Live in the Moment” must not have kids or a job or a life, right? Yet, it’s in our best interest to actually heed those words. Always jumping to “What’s Next” robs you of “What’s Now.”

Living in the moment; Ain’t no time for that! I’m so busy, I just passed myself on the interstate.

Forget about living in the moment. We’re late! We need to hurry up and do homework,

so we can eat dinner,

so we can get a bath,

so we can get in the bed,

so we can go to work,

so we can start this cycle again tomorrow. Go, Go Go!

One of my kid’s 1st words was purple.  As I held my breath in anticipation of his 2nd word, training him to say M- A- M- A, what came out instead shook me to the core. With his little blue eyes, standing by the front door, he looked up and said: “Hurry Hurry!” What? I can’t document that! You’re gonna make me look bad, kid.

If you don’t think that haulted life as I knew it . . . 3 kids under 6, working a full time job with a 4th on the way. Apparently, he had been listening. I felt bad, that he had gleaned Hurry Hurry from all the other words and actions I had expressed.

Grab your back packs.  Stand by the front door, breakfast in zip lock bags, ready to hit the road. High five-ing football, jumping railroad tracks to get to soccer and lacrosse. Are you throwing kids off at college, so you can get the rest of the crew ready for 1st day of school. Are you hearing me mama’s? You know the drill.

I asked the kids how they feel about hurrying from there to there and they felt like it produced chaos and stress. My #3 child gets upset when he’s rushed out the door. He needs margin, organization and preparedness to feel on top of things. It’s his love language.

Are we present or throwing away the ‘best moments’ for HURRY MODE. You have a thief in your midst. And his name is: Hurry Hurry.

Time to Establish a Plan:

T. O. G.

1. Take a deep breath! Yes, that’s right. Breathe!

2 Organize ahead of time. Pack the car the night before. Margin is your Friend.

3. GateKeeper: Fiercely protect “The Moment,” not allowing phone calls, texts, and outside forces to interrupt the Hear and Now!

Now Hurry Up . . . and Enjoy!

What ideas do you have for adding more margin and preparedness to your family dynamics?

There is nothing better than to enjoy your food and drink and to find satisfaction in your work. These pleasures are from the hand of God. Eccles. 2:24

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