Sep 242009

What is special about your Hometown? From accents to people, culture and lifestyles, tell us your story.

-I’m a Southern Girl through and through.  Ask anyone who knows me; when I travel to the Northeast, I couldn’t loose this accent to save my life.  People ask me questions just to hear me talk.  I love turnip greens and occasional grits.  My husband, who is from AZ asked, “What’s A Grit.”  Oh Lord.  He had a huge learning curve, moving to the SOUTH.

I’m originally from Shelby, AL population, well, I’m not sure. Google could not find my town on the map, only the closest city, Columbiana, with a current population of 3,800.  And I lived there 20 years ago.  There’s never been a red light in this town and the closest grocery store, Piggly Wiggly is 15 minutes away.  Even spell check didn’t pick up the words Piggly Wiggly.  hmmmm.  See!

Growing up in a small town, I longed for the Big City, thinking there was something bigger and better out there.  When I found it, I missed my town, a place where everyone knows everybody and there’s always a helping hand when you need them.

Now, when I visit, I appreciate the sense of community;  little league teams wearing sponsored shirts by the local insurance company,  running into one of my old High School Teachers at “The Pig”, and the excitement of how the Shelby County Wild Cats football team brings everyone together on a Friday night.

These days, you can find “A Grit” and turnip greens just about anywhere, but nothing can replace the town where I was raised.  It’s good people with good character, ideas and sensibility.  You can’t beat that.

-Tell us about your hometown.

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