Sep 142009

Many of my friends are cleaning out closets, drawers and finding interesting discoveries in their kid’s rooms.  From rocks and muddy shoes to stinky underwear that was thrown in the top of the closet to fossilized socks under their bed.  It’s interesting, the aromas that can come from a child’s bedroom, making its way into the foyer.

When I first got pregnant, it was around Thanksgiving and I couldn’t stand the smell of turkey, ham or the dog.  Poor Max, he lived outside for about 6 months and was scrubbed with bubbles and pretty fragrances until his fur was just about rubbed off.

That must have been God’s way of preparing me for what was to come.   Do you ever jump into the car or walk through the front door after a L-O-N-G day and think . . .  “What … Is THAT SMELL?

And it’s never the good smell, like a friend coming over to bake a pie.  Yeah, Right!!  It’s a weird smell, like a bottle of curdled milk hidden under a recliner or a forgotten diaper that made its way behind the couch. . . hmmm.

Smells can be slightly subtle but enough to keep the neighbors away.

That’s when you say:  Hey Kids, We’re Gonna Play a Game:  It’s Called: “The first one who finds the smell gets a Prize.  They’ll turn into little hound dogs sniffing’ and looking.   Promise of a reward equals a guaranteed find.

When I was 5, my birthday was on Easter.  I was lucky enough to find the Golden Egg, and with it, came $5.  It was a real egg and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to it, so I hid it in a little bucket on my book shelf.

By the time May rolled around, my mom had every family member on the look out for the smell coming from down the hall.  A week into the hunt, a line of ants marching up the wall, led us to the disaster in the bucket.

So, I’m going to follow in my friend’s footsteps, clean a few drawers, closets and turn those “What IS that Smell” into the “Smell of a friend baking pie in my kitchen.  So thanks for the incentive girls; And as a Bonus, Max may be getting a bubble bath!!  Here Boy!

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I did the same thing with an Easter egg. I thought it was so pretty, I put it in a curio cabinet in my room and let it sit there to rot. Needless to say, my mom was not happy when she found it a couple weeks later!

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