Aug 252009

If I saw something crazy or outlandish, I had this bad habit of saying:  OMG and my 5 year old says:  Mom, it’s oh my goodness!  not oh my God.  He’s right.  They will hold you accountable.

Have you ever caught yourself hiding to eat a cookie.  Once you have kids, it’s like you can’t eat anything and have it to yourself.  “What are you eating, mom?”  Do I smell Chocolate?  What’s in your hand?  Can I have that?  I just want to eat a cookie PEOPLE, without sharing, but the kids remind me:  you make us share.  aaaaaahhhhhh!

You teach them and then they teach you.  They hold you accountable  by holding a mirror to your face and showing you all the things you need to work on, because good or bad, they are little reflections of you.  You didn’t know you gave birth to a mirror.

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