Aug 252009

What is Baby Brain:  Stephanie’s Dictionary defines it as:  a temporary brain fart caused by baby hormones.  It’s when your brain sparks but doesn’t quiet complete communication, leaving a pregnant mom trying to think of words like:  vehicle – but instead you say:  that thing full of cheerios in the driveway.

I was on my way to a Birthday party last year and noticed, after I had run errands that morning, that my black pants were inside out. Ok, my excuse is I’m pregnant and my brain cells had temporarily left the building.  The obvious one inch seams running down the sides of my pants were a dead give away. I took them off and changed during a red light, trying to hurry as a rather large truck pulled up along side of me. I think I gave myself a hair lip in the process. Oh, the joys of baby brain.

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  2 Responses to “Mom, Why Did You Call Me the Dog’s Name?”

  1. Ba hahaha. Once when pregnant with my third, I put a whole gallon of milk in the cabinet completley unaware of what I was doing. Heath found it later and had a great laugh. She is now three years old and I still have these “Baby Brain” moments. I asked my nephew one time what my son’s name was and he looked at me like I was crazy.

    I had no idea that you blog. This is great, I will add you to my list of blogs by friends so that I can keep up regularly. Look forward to having yet one more way to keep up with your family.

  2. that is hilarious. I found my tv remote in the fridge once. oops. You’re right, I thought Baby Brain was temporary, but . . . : )

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