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Would YOU want YOU to be YOUR mom? Simple isn’t it?  Just think about how you handle situations.  Are you easily angered, always in a hurry; do little things escalate to major things? Get on their level, eye to eye, knee to knee and imagine what it must be like, to have you, as your mom.

Do the attitudes, ideas and environment you provide, exude respect, trust and peace in your home or anxiety, perfectionism and unpredictability.

I know that if my husband goes out of town and I have all 4 kids all week, from sunrise to sunset, my patience can wain, quickly.  I’m barking orders like a well trained drill sergeant, go here, get those teeth brushed, hurry up, let’s go.

When my 3 year old went to bed at night, I noticed he was sleeping on the floor.  I would tell him to get in the bed.  He would wait till I left and get back on the floor.  At first, it made me mad.  How could he get a good night’s sleep on the floor?  How comfortable could this be?  My back would be stiff for days.  Besides, he had a nice bed we bought him and he needed to sleep in it.

Then I sat down and had a nice conversation with him and realized, in his own way, he thought sleeping on the floor was like camping, it was an adventure.  Now that I realize what he was doing, I let him drag his big comforter and pillow to the floor and let him “go camping.” .  I sure didn’t want to stand in the way of any adventures he may have.

So when you’re on your last leg and can’t take it anymore, perhaps you should take a break.  This isn’t unusual.  It’s good for everyone to get a break.  No need to be a martyr.  Do you take time to smell the roses, look for bugs and laugh with your kids about funny jokes they TRY to make?  Lay on the floor and giggle, go push them on the swing or take time to play dodge ball.

Imagine looking up at you. How do you want this to play out?  The house doesn’t always have to be clean.  The laundry doesn’t have to be put away Right Now.  If Petee left his shoes outside, we’ll get them later.  Perhaps tonight is a “take out” night.

Go to the park, have a picnic on the blanket and forget about the laundry for awhile?  Do you take time for yourself by designating a “Girls Night Out” or take a night a week to play tennis with your husband.  Everyone needs a break to re-access, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit.  It makes for better parenting and happier families.

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