Sep 202009

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and thought “oh, this is the best coffee ever? I bet you didn’t walk in and expect a fantastic massage or the barista to give you advice on car insurance.

It’s the same with moms, we may be good at tons of things:  homeschooling to preschooling to teaching them character and confidence, or how to kick a mean soccer ball, but we aren’t experts in everything.  It Takes a Village to pull it off.

When you watch a movie, check out the credits.  You’ve got the director, producer, editor, sound guy, technician and “Dancing man with funny looking teeth” as the crew listed to make the film a success.  One person can’t do everything.  It took a village.

Let grandpa teach them History or take them on a bug hunt, perhaps tell stories about when he was a kid; have grandma give them a baking class, let your sister take them to the park or break out the science kit.

My parents use to send me to my grandparent’s 100 acre farm for a week at a time.  We knew everything there was to bailing hay, milking the cows, shelling peas, hoe-ing a garden and what month is the best time to plant tomatoes.  Living down there was definitely an experience.  They say, the one thing that grandparents can give, over everyone else, is TIME.

We need others to help fill in the blanks.  We can’t be their entire world “forever.”  As much as we try, it’s important for us as moms and for the kids – to spread their wings, become a little more independent and well rounded.

After all, our goal is to teach them how to fly.  It’s hard to think about, letting go of the reins and putting them in someone else’s hands. When they are asleep at night, they’re growing.  When they learn something new, they’re growing.  It’s just something that can’t be stopped.  We want them to hurry and crawl, hurry and walk, are they meeting their goals . . are they on target for their age group?

Keep them as close to you, for as long as you can, but don’t smother them.  As you give them freedom and guidance, they’ll stay close, because you’ve given them the independence, the strong foundation they need to be a complete person.  They trust you and respect you.

And as you teach them to fly, it may look as though they have left the nest or got a little rebellious streak, but like a great coffee shop, they’ll be landing at the drive thru to pick up that One great product you’ve always provided, and that is the support, encouragement and love you’ve always offered and they will always need.  It Takes a Village, Girls . . . and an occasional cup of coffee.    Here’s to great families!!!

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