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Have you ever wished you had a hover craft or felt the need for a helicopter to get where you need to go?  If so, Y-O-U . . .  MIGHT BE Too busy.

Does the inside of you car look like a vending machine blew up?  If so, You . . . MIGHT be Too busy.

Do you throw your kid off at soccer practice, just to screech into the parking lot 5 minutes late to drop off your ballerina?  If so, You . . . Might BE too busy.

If you’ve EVER fed your child a snack that you found underneath the car seat . . . ehhh You . . . Might Be Too Busy!

Slow down and re-access.  Re-schedule AND re-arrange. Like Sands of the Hourglass, these are the Days of Our Lives.  When you’re a kid, it seems like forever till your birthday comes.  As an adult, the hands on the clock are smoking’!!!  It’s March, then November then another birthday.  No matter how hard you slam on the brakes, time is ticking away and you’re another year older.  .  . and so are your kids.

Whether you work in or outside the home or wear polka dots on Tuesday, Time stands still for NO ONE.  My friend sent me this email the other day.  It said, there are some things you can never take back:

The word, after it’s said . . .

The occasion, after it’s missed . . .

Time, after it’s gone . . .

That hit me hard.  A few year’s ago, my husband and I each started new businesses and we were working hard to keep that gerbil wheel spinning, building clientele, increasing market share and establishing a presence in the community.

Then one day, after hearing my 1 1/2 year old say the occasional “Ma Ma and Daddy, he said a word that brought my life to a screeching halt, a word, this little fella had heard me say that cut me to the core.

He uttered the words:  BUSY!  BUSY!  BUSY!

It stopped me in my tracks.  I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live.  It made me cry that day.  Out of the mouth of babes!  I’m all for work and I was making great money, but I was burning the midnight oil at both ends, while trying to raise 3 kids under 1st grade.  We had little Quality time, and virtually no Quantity time.

But time was slipping away and I wasn’t using it wisely.  I sat down with my husband and we re-accessed, made a new plan, re-organized and rescheduled a few things.  It took a weekend of thinking outside the box, several sheets of paper and quite a few compromises, but once it was hashed out, it was like a light shown down from heaven; and we had such Peace on how we strategically planned to move forward in a New Way.

If you have a Dream, you can make it work, but it’s NOT gonna fall into your lap.  It may take blood, sweat and tears, but remember your priorities and fight for them:  God and Family.  There will always be people Johnny on the Spot, ready to fill your list with meaningless things that help themselves.

Learn to say NO.  Fight for your family, tear up that little BLACK BOOK that makes you a slave to too many daily activities and take the BUSY BUSY BUSY out of your life and fill it with things that produce FULFILLMENT, HAPPINESS, JOY AND  PEACE.

Here’s to a Better Life!

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