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My 7 year old son ran into the kitchen and said “Mom, the DisneyWorld commercial just said:  Kids go ask your mom to go on our website and play a game.”  I’m like, WHAT?  He said:  Yes mom, they were talking to ME.  Let’s go.

A few days later, “Mom, the commercial said go to the website and register to win $100,000 dollars.  We need to go now.”

And yet I had asked him to clean his room and put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and NOTHING.   He immediately had no ears, no recollection, AMAZING, right?

But the minute I sneak a cookie out of a rattling bag and head to the back porch “BAM” . . . What are you eating . . . did I hear something rattle in the pantry?

Have you noticed that their ears quit working when the TV is on.  Instead of talking over it, just turn it off.  It’s amazing how their ears will return and be willing to do any task to get it turned back on.

I saw a woman on TV once that said her son was playing with matches and accidentally lit the broom on fire.  As he was urgently running through the house to tell his mom that the laundry room was on fire, he passed a TV with cartoons on, stopped and began watching them, losing all sense of thought and forgot about the fire.  Unfortunately the house burned to the ground.

So when you’re giving your little one a task or instructions, make sure you turn the TV off, cause Mama is in charge and if your competition is the TV, it will ALWAYS win.  But if you turn it off, it’s amazing how quickly their ears will return.

Does the TV have power over you, or do you have Power over IT?  Who’s  running the show?  Please send us your comments.

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  1. That’s my girl. A woman of wisdom. Love your proud Mpm.

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