Oct 042009

When I was little, I hated taking baths.  When it was time for one, I would throw soap into the water, let it turn gray and make a few swishes to keep any listeners at bay.

But it was the smell of NOT taking a bath for a week – that told on me.

Turns out, my little ones have the same gene.  Often times, after playing outside for a couple of hours, my kids get that “dirty stinky school bus smell.”  They beg me not to have to take a bath.  They have turned out to be quiet the negotiators.  They should do well as salesman in their later years.

So as an incentive, after dinner I tell them they can have dessert -IN THE TUB!  You have never seen a child run so fast, jump in the tub and take a bath.  The power of a popsicle or jello cup is incredible.

For me it’s a Win Win. They are getting a bath and my kitchen is not sticky from dripping popsicles.  So when the tub is drained, I just have them drop the popsicle sticks and jello cups in the trash and everyone is happy and sparkling clean.

Here’s to a clean kitchen and clean little bodies.  : )

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  3 Responses to “MOM TIP #73”

  1. I have the opposite problem at my house. My daughter begs me to let her take a bath every morning when she wakes up. Then she goes outside with the express purpose of getting dirty so that she can come inside to take a bath and then she begs for another bath before bedtime. I limit her to two baths, but I’m betting she will be a good swimmer one day.

  2. oh that is awesome! I wish my kids wanted to take a bath like that. You are so lucky. I have to bribe mine. : )

  3. I should clarify, my daughter loves to take a bath. My boys are like yours. I tell them to go and get in the bath and they would rather go and clean their room. So maybe it is just a boy thing and you can hang on to the hope that your daughter will not be sucked into that way of thinking too.

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