Oct 102009

You Can Swing Over the Water Son, Just Don’t Get Wet!

Do you ever walk into a room and your husband has one of the kids by their feet, swinging them across the living room as they scream in sheer terror and excitement, while you envision pictures of stitches in the ER?  It’s something I can’t watch.

I heard a statistic once that said:  When a child sees their father, their heart rate excelerates.  When they see mom, their heart rates decreases.  Interesting.

The other day my husband knew that I needed a break, so I took off, ran a few errands, did a little shopping and had an enjoyable few hours to myself.  Upon my return, I walked in the front door and noticed the kids were playing in the ATTIC!  An unfinished attic with partial boarding on the floor and Hubby was no where to be found.

Hmmm.    My husband said:  ‘It was raining and they needed to explore.”  Well, that certainly makes since.  Why didn’t I think of that.  NOT!  Funny thing is, they rarely get hurt on his watch. It’s Amazing.

I came in one day, and on “Dad’s Watch”, found the baby asleep in the high chair in front of the TV watching VH1.  J-O-H-N!!!!!  His excuse, ” I was reading the boys a book and the baby was tired and hungry and VH1 seemed to do the trick.”  Well alrighty then.

Now I see why their heart rates go up.  It’s part fear and excitement of the unknown, of living on the edge.  They don’t know what’s in store for them, but whatever it is, with dad it is going to be exhilarating.

But when they see mom, their heart rate goes down.  Well, of course.  They get to live another day.  It’s because they know mom will give them food and a hug, not a roller coaster death drop.  They associate mom with safety and nurture.  We give them a sense of calm, keep them focused and on task.

Dad lets them fly down the stairwell on a mattress or in a box.  Often times, I want to roll them in bubble wrap before heading off to the park, where I know they’ll try something crazy and get hurt.  But then I have to remember,  kids need to explore, take risks, learn and try new things.

Opposites attract.  God knew this would be a perfect fit for our kids, to give them a sense of caution and adventure.  So, hold your breath mom, say a few prayers and break out the bubble wrap, because dad will be home soon.    Here’s to creative parenting.

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  4 Responses to “Crazy Things that Happen On Daddy’s Watch!”

  1. I can so relate! Have you seen the videos on my facebook of Heath and the boys taking turns riding down the stairs on a mattress? I have to admit I was there for that one (taking the video.) Heath loves to swing the kids by thier arms or legs and watch other people’s faces cringe. And none cringe as much as my mom and Angie. The kids like it but somehow I don’t think that is really the point at all.

  2. I saw that video. Your husband was flying down the stairs on a mattress. It was hilarious and the kids were lovin’ it. It’s what prompted me to write this article. : ) Tell Heath to keep em’ coming.

  3. Reese failed to mention the face slapping contest I had with Josiah a few years ago (he won, I gave up from the pain of the whelps on my face), or me shooting Karston in the chest with a paintball gun last year to see if he could handle it, letting all the kids have their pic taken with the alligator we shot on the farm, showing them how to surf down the hill in the wagon, sled down the tree filled ice hill on the cub scout camping trip.

    Hey, if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for them. If you haven’t bled in the E.R……have you really lived?

  4. OMGosh, you are One Crazy Dad. Your kids must think you are the funnest man on earth. The alligator story put chills down my back. That’s a mom’s nightmare. I’ll have to use that quote for later: If you haven’t bled in the ER . . have you really lived? Your family stories give me a lot to write about. And yes, I did loose my eye brows, but they grew back relatively quickly. ha ha.

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