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The dictionary defines Fearless as: Brave, courageous, unflinching, free, bold, adventurous, triumphant! The opposite of Fearless is Fear, which brings worry, doubt, anxiety and apprehension.

When I was 8 years old, I spent the night at my grandma’s farm house.  She lived in the middle of a 100 acre hay field, with creaky doors and tall 10 foot windows that started at the floor and went to the ceiling.  The light switch was a dangling light bulb that hung over the bed, you know the kind you have to stand up in the center of the mattress and search for in mid-air and then pull a string.  During lightening storms, the house shook, lighting up the entire room and darkness was Pitch Black!

One night, during a storm, I was notified it was bed time.  I tried to walk bravely to bed, but lightening struck and so did my FEAR, right into my throat.  I leaped from the door to the bed in about 2 jumps.  As I laid there, I noticed across the room, what appeared to be a large monster standing over my bed.  I starred it down, and without moving, it just kept looking at me.  It didn’t move; I didn’t move.  I flew under the covers to hide and remained there for about 30 minutes, sweating and wondering if this THING standing over my bed had left.  I peeked over the blanket and to my dismay, it was STILL there.  I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move.  I was being held prisoner in a dark room by something looking at me!

Finally, when I couldn’t take the FEAR (or the hot blanket any longer) courage rose and I jumped straight into the air, grabbing for the dangling light bulb overhead, ready to fight this thing for my life.  The bulb swung this way and that, before I finally wrestled it down and pulled the string.  To my amazement, someone had hung a trench coat and hat on my bed post! I was being held captive by a trench coat. I was terrified . . . sweating, hyperventilating, and ALL for NOTHING!

We imagine the worst in life:  turn on the news and the economy is taking a nose dive, TERRORism is in our backyard and jobs are being lost at a phenomenal rate.  Will our kids go to college, how will we pay the bills, should I take another job, downsize my home?  We form ideas and imaginations in our head, self fulfilling prophecies that life is not gonna be what we thought it would.  Maybe it’s not.

We cling to Fear like a nice warm coat and those invisible walls hold us, our thoughts and the opportunity our lives hold, Captive!  What if we lived life FREE from FEAR?  Jump out of bed and dive for that light switch, expose it, the lie for which it is and grab FEARLESS by the horns.

How awesome it would be, living life outside the box. Think how different your life could be, if instead of being scared and all tangled up inside (living life in the same old rut), you just started your own business, took another job, downsized your home (this could be an adventure), wrote down that bucket list and began conquering it, took a missions trip and discovered how you can help change the world!  Walk away from the lies of what man says you can and can’t do.

Grab on to what God says:  All Things Are Possible to Him Who Believes.  Mark 9:23  Jump Fearlessly into the unknown, with no inhibitions!  Be FEARLESS! Life is what you make it.

Scripture to Ponder:

Let us not become weary in well doing, for in due season (at the proper time), you will reap a harvest of blessings; just don’t give up.  Galatians 6:9

I can do ALL Things Through Christ, who gives me strength.  Phil 4:13

Suggested Reading:  Max Lucado’s Book – FEARLESS

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