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I’ve had wonderful role models over the years.  Between what I’ve learned from them and discovered on my own, (and the “on my own thing didn’t always go so well) I thought I’d pass those “successes and “don’t try this at home” along to you.  Hey, us girls have to stick together!

Don’t Try this at Home:

I have 4 kids.  I brought the two little ones to school to pick up my 2nd grader and Kindergartner. After getting everyone in the car, buckled and unloaded at home, the school counselor called and said:  Are you missing someone?  I had left the 3 year old in the lobby, starring at the fish aquarium.  When I got back to the school, he said with a loud voice:  You left me!!  I said, Nooooo . . . I just wanted you to finish looking at the fish . . . and with squinted eyes, he said:  You left me!  lol  Smart kid!

Tip #1  Falling down the stairs:

When my little ones were old enough for me to remove the stairwell gate, ever once in a while, even the best climber would find themselves tumbling down the stairs.  So in an effort to pad their fall, I placed a large bean bag at the foot of the stairs as a nice “hello” to greet them in the foyer. Usually mom beats them to the bottom, but just in case.

Don’t Try this at Home:

It was a nice day for a stroll in the park, so I took our fox terrier and 5 month old baby for a walk.  It was hard to push the stroller and hold the leash, so I tied the dog to the baby jogger, you know – kill 2 birds with one stone. As I walked thru the park, all was well in the world, until the dog spotted a squirrel and tore out across the field with the baby in the stroller, bucking’ and flying behind him.  That was the only time I ever outran the dog.

Tip #2 Kids & Money:

We don’t pay the kids for standard family chores, (like laundry, dishes, cleaning their room) because we have a big family and we try to instill “team effort.”  If each family member makes 1 or 2 messes, it can become exponential, in a heart beat.  Each person is responsible for cleaning up the mess they made or put up what they took out.  But we offer them bonus chores, such as cleaning the car, yard work, sweeping the garage or picking up dog poop in the back yard.  No one wants to do this one, so it makes the most money.  : )

With the bonus chores, the kids have an opportunity to make money, which we divide into 3 groups (Spend, Save, Give) 10% goes to Save, 10% goes to Give and the rest goes to Spend.  So when they see 10 dimes or $10 dollars and only have to give 2 away, with 8 left over, they’re so excited.  We then go to the Dollar Tree or similar store at the end of the week, where they get to use their money to purchase whatever they want.  This way they connect hard work to how much something costs . . . and how long they need to work to buy a specific item.

Don’t Try this at Home:

Before I had kids, my friend and I had a lunch date at my house.  She brought her 6 month old baby with her.  With a sigh, she said she had forgotten the baby food and before I could catch myself, I said:  I made chili last night! There was silence!  I’m sure you can imagine the look on her face.  She was like:  Feed my baby chili? Logically I was just thinking it was soft food, but uh, it probably WAS a bad idea.

Stay tuned for more Successful Tips and “Don’t Try This at Home” ideas.  I’d love to hear yours.

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