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Now you’re probably thinking, I know where she’s going with this story:  Don’t forget where you came from, know where you’re going and never loose track of what matters most in life . . .  Hey, not bad . . . and valid points if I say so myself, but with a twist.

A couple of months before I headed to college, my mom felt the need to write my name on everything I owned:  My clothes, my type writer (I know, a what???) my books, my suit case, MY underwear (nice) and anything else that couldn’t be nailed to the ground.

One night, during a prayer service of thousands at my Christian school, I knelt to pray.  As I was getting up, I realized on the bottom of each shoe, written with a Black Sharpie was my FULL NAME from toe to heel.  Sixteen letters!  If embarrassment could of killed, I would have died that night.

If I was lost, I was found:  all I had to do was look at my shoes, my underwear or my purse to remember who I was.  The only thing my mom didn’t write my name on, was an umbrella – and it was stolen on the first rainy day.

Do you know who you are?  Sometimes, we get caught up in the pressure of life, whether it be money, status, certain relationships, keeping up with the Joneses’, trying to stay ahead of the game, being something we’re not and we forget about what really matters:  our integrity, helping others, common sense, good character and remembering that the journey is WAY more important than arrival . . . because we’re never really there, we’re just on our way.

We get in a groove, a rut of sorts, living our nice little life, surrounding ourselves with our BFFs, enjoying “girl’s night,” sports night, placing our kids in every music class, on every athletic team and trying to maintain the status quo . . . Cause after all, we’ve gotta look good.  But don’t forget Who You Are.

Don’t forget that person of adventure who used to try new things, the person who used to write letters to change wayward political views, the person who sought to help those in need, the one who use to ski, scuba dive or golf, but can never find the time, the once fit mom or dad who’s got the (I have a family and don’t have time to take care of myself” syndrome).  If we look at our TRUE Self, we may not recognize the current person in the mirror.  It’s time to RECLAIM Our Life!

Roll up those sleeves, make a “to do” list.  A new one – that slouches away the junk, the facades, the things in life that keep us busy, spinning our wheels . . . things that seem urgent, but really aren’t; imposters that quietly move in and sweetly take over our TRUE Self.  It’s time to come clean, start exercising, start writing, golfing, reclaiming date night, family night; go back to basics and talk to each other eye to eye, not text to text.  Don’t be the stolen umbrella of life, the person who is so far away from who you really wanna be, that your true identity has faded.  It’s time to reclaim who you Really Are, who you wanna be . . .

Just as those shoes had my name boldly written on them, claiming their owner, your life should proudly proclaim your name, the Owner of Your Life. Find your True Self and Write Your Name on it.

Let your eyes look on with a fixed purpose, and your gaze be straight before you. Proverbs 4: 25

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