About Stephanie:  Living in Atlanta, GA with my husband and 4 kids, I know what it’s like to climb the “corporate ladder,” own my own business and work from home, all the while, raising kids. It’s not easy cooking dinner every night, juggling hectic schedules, helping kid’s with homework, soccer practice and ballet, all the while, developing happy, healthy children. Moms are often pressured to be perfect, to do it ALL and do it well, to choose sides “working mom vs. stay at home moms.”  We’re not here to compete, we’re here to raise healthy, well adjusted children that will go into the world with confidence, knowledge, Godly character, a sense of sportsmanship and community, all the while, keeping our sanity and having fun along the way.

My blog: The purpose of this blog is to share, with humor, some of the tips and tricks I’ve done, seen and heard, along the way.  Perhaps together, we can come up with incredible ways to make “raising children” a lot easier.  Let’s stick together, girls!

My husband:  My husband John owns a software business and between it and our family of 6, he still remains one of the most patient men I know.  He’s the calm in the storm, our adventure and the kid’s 6 ft. 5 walking, jungle gym.  When he walks into the room, they see fun, flips and tickle sessions.  He’s our rock.

My Kids: I have 4!  Which is amazing to me, considering before I had children, I knew little about them and only planned to have 2; but God had another idea, and after 3 fun, loud, energetic boys, I got a prissy girl in my late 30’s.  My kids range from 9 to 2 years and are the love of my life.  We love adventure and when John and I travel, we take them with us, with the exception of One Time Per Year, when he and I go somewhere fun by ourselves.  Woo hoo. Stephanie writes a weekly MOM Column for Appen Publishing in North Fulton Georgia.  http://www.northfulton.com

My Favorite Photos:

Vernazza in Cinque Terre Italy

Gorgeous Ceiling in the Vatican - Rome, Italy

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